Blackburn 0 – 2 Manchester United

Sup doods. This is my first ever post. Posting up the times where we looked like right plonkers, in front of the millions and billions of away supporters we lug around.

Barcelona, you’re having a laugh!

Look at these mugs thinking they’re Barcelona and trying one-touch passing. Or for you exotic dicks, tiki-taka. What utter drivel.

This Mexican, so in love with this Spanish overlords, tried it and failed miserably. Pathetic.

I mean, he’s so good, he keeps doing it! Some of you loser United supporters will call this ‘confidence’. I call this crap.

It’s incredible how infectious this disease is – even our homegrown talent has succumbed to it. He isn’t any better. Just sell him Fergie! Atleast that’ll save a few more years of your life.


It’s a shame Juninho is still playing. Because I would pay good money to hire him as a pundit and make him watch this:

He’ll be pissing himself.

Paul Scholes, deary me!

Apparently having Scholes around is beneficial to the squad. But even with ALL this VIDEO evidence, it’s clear he’s just a diving douche who can’t tackle.

As you can see, the video evidence CLEARLY shows Paul Scholes’ face headbutting Hanley’s elbow. What a cheat and insult to Manchester United.

He is also infamous for his poor tackles, and he was at it again against the lightweight, fragile, darlingĀ  that is Yakubu. ‘The Yak’, as he is affectionately and without a sense of irony known, had to face the wrath of a player who was 6’7″ and weighed 250 pounds!

Shocking performance from what is arguably the sixth best team in Europe.


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