This blog is dedicated to those who love to pick faults all the time. Like they say, you only learn from your mistakes. And at United, apparently, the players seem to make a lot of mistakes. It’s up to us, the legionnaires*of perfection, to find these faults – because the best parents are the ones that beat the crap out of their children to teach them a lesson.

Or something like that.

* Legionnaires can be both the disease and a group of brave men. I hate these fuckers who complain about United all the time, so it’s pretty evident what meaning of the word I prefer here.

Note: I love Manchester United, but I fear my brand of humour will not get across to many. So I have hidden this message to those who do find it, or to those I point it out to. And, if you haven’t noticed – if you tilt your screen and look at the header, I get my point across even better.

This is meant to be a blog that is sarcastic, ironic or something like that. Not smart enough to know which it is.


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